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Engbedded Devel­op­ment Repos­i­tory

The Engbedded Devel­op­ment Repos­i­tory (EngDR) is man­aged by the Sub­ver­sion revi­sion con­trol system.

The EngDR always con­tains the latest bleeding-edge code, bug-fixes and improve­ments, aside from any offi­cial releases. So if you want to know what's hot or want to con­tribute, this is for you.

Web address

The SVN repos­i­tory is avail­able under: http://www.engbedded.com/svn/dev.

Access rights

Read access (check-out)

The Engbedded Devel­op­ment Repos­i­tory is world-read­able. As all data in the EngDR is pub­lished under GPL, anyone has read access to the whole repos­i­tory tree.

Write access (commit)

People inter­ested in con­tributing to the Engbedded pro­jects, please con­tact me and ask for SVN write access. Please give a short note about what you are about to con­tribute along with your desired user­name and MD5 encrypted pass­word. For example, use this safe JavaScript hash gen­er­ator and send me the resulting htpasswd line.