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Contributors to Semitone

This is a list of users who have actively con­tributed to the Semi­tone Pro­ject or who have been in other ways involved in the pro­ject (in alpha­bet­ical order). A big Thank You for your great work!

Arturo de Carlo

… is one of the users of the Dia­mond lighting con­troller. He pointed out that rotary encoder input did not work prop­erly in Dia­mond RTOS ver­sion 0.5.2.

Steven Cooreman

… has con­tributed com­plete PCB lay­outs for the Dia­mond power supply unit, a single and 5-channel TRIAC output stage, and French firmware trans­la­tion. He also sup­ported me in the main board unit layout.

Stephan de Georgio

… is one of the Dia­mond users. He sent me patches for a mute fea­ture that sus­pends a single channel as well as for a channel selec­tion flash fea­ture. These patches were rewritten and finally included into the offi­cial Dia­mond RTOS.

Mikki Merten

… helped me with many useful hints about DMX512, zero-cross-detec­tion opti­miza­tion and much, much more. Most of the con­ver­sa­tion took place at the EuIRC #mikro­con­troller.net channel.

Marco Monti

… is one of the Dia­mond users. He pro­vided me with a com­plete user inter­face trans­la­tion for Italian lan­guage sup­port for the Dia­mond RTOS and with occa­sional trans­la­tions for new fea­tures.

Fritz Richter

… is one of the users of the Dia­mond. He sent me a nice zero-crossing detec­tion cir­cuit schematic for the pri­mary side of the main supply trans­former. This example has been adapted and even­tu­ally included in the schematics of the Dia­mond.

Ashley Roll

… per­mitted me to use her CRC16 imple­men­ta­tion for flash con­sis­tency checking in Dia­mond RTOS ver­sions prior to 0.9.0.

Andreas Schwarz

… has cre­ated the out­standing web­site mikro­con­troller.net which has a great com­mu­nity from which I learned many of the basics of building lighting con­trollers.

Martin Thomas

… has written the boot­loader that is used for the Semi­tone Dia­mond. Only slight mod­i­fi­ca­tions were required for con­trol­ling the Dia­mond I/O shift reg­is­ters.

Marc Young

… did most of the porting work for the Dia­mond RTOS to sup­port the ATmega644 micro­con­troller.