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This is a list of fea­tures that users have been requesting or that would gen­er­ally be nice to have. How­ever these are things that I don't have the time to imple­ment or per­son­ally have no use of and there­fore low moti­va­tion to invest too much of my time.

If you have a nice fea­ture request or a solu­tion, or if you have even worked on one of these issues, please do not hesi­tate to con­tact me.

Mul­tiple sen­sors (for cadence, e.g.)

Problem: The Palm PDA has only one serial transceiver (UART) that can be inter­nally wired (con­fig­ured) to the IR transceiver unit or the RS232 level shifter. So it's either IR or RS232, but not both at the same time.

Sug­ges­tion I: We could of course use some other signal line of the wired inter­face, e.g., the Hot­Sync button line. It trig­gers a hard­ware inter­rupt, too. For this to work, the inter­nals of the soft­ware (inter­rupt han­dling) would have to be changed. Draw­back of this solu­tion would be that it's only pos­sible with the wired (VAIF-1) inter­face, not with the infrared variant (VAIF-2).

Sug­ges­tion II: Another – more com­plex – solu­tion would be to involve some small micro­con­troller that could be hooked to a whole bunch of sen­sors (of any sort) and com­mu­ni­cates to the Palm via RS232 or even IR (real data transfer). Draw­back of this solu­tion is – of course – that users would have to have such a pro­grammed micro­con­troller or even a com­plete inter­face (small box).