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Wake-On-LIRC is a small cir­cuit that is used to replace the home­brew serial port receiver of the LIRC pro­ject. With Wake-On-LIRC you can turn on your PC with your IR remote by sending a Wake-On-LAN pulse. It shares the IR receiver IC (e.g. TSOP1738) as well as the Wake-On-LAN socket, so LIRC and Wake-On-LAN will remain working just as before.

For decoding the incoming RC5 or SIRCS remote con­trol sig­nals an Atmel AVR® ATtiny12(L), ATtiny13, or AT90(L)S2343 is used.

News: PS/2 Emu­la­tion replaces Wake-On-LAN con­nec­tion

Since the Wake-On-LAN socket is con­sid­ered obso­lete on main­boards, the WOL con­nec­tion of Wake-On-LIRC is being replaced by a PS/2 key­board emu­la­tion. The cir­cuit is pow­ered by the 5 V standby voltage of the PS/2 socket. Waking up the PC is done by an emu­lated ACPI “Wake” key code sent to the PC's PS/2 con­troller. This has been tested on an Asrock A330ION main­board and works like a charm.

The new imple­men­ta­tion is only avail­able via the EngDR SVN repos­i­tory. If you want to use it, check out the PS/2 Emu­la­tion Branch of the Wake-On-LIRC SVN repos­i­tory. Be sure to care­fully read the README file as it describes the required hard­ware changes (no schematics drawing avail­able yet).



  • can only detect RC5 (Philips) and SIRCS (Sony, 12bit) encoded IR sig­nals to turn on PC (con­tri­bu­tions for other encod­ings are wel­come!)


  • ability to flash an Atmel ATtiny12(L), ATtiny13, or AT90(L)S2343 micro­con­troller (I can send out con­trollers world­wide, with the latest firmware already installed - just have a look at the pro­ducts list and write me if you have ques­tions)
  • ATX com­pliant PC main­board with Wake-On-LAN sup­port and 3pin header (for power supply while PC is turned off and on, and for power-on signal)

What's new

Changes from 0.1.2 to 0.2.0

  • added learning mode, codes can be changed during oper­a­tion now


All pro­ject related doc­u­ments, such as source code or doc­u­men­ta­tion, is pub­lished under the terms of the GNU Gen­eral Public License (GPL).


Source code

  • wakeonlirc-0.2.0.tar.bz2: Wake-On-LIRC 0.2.0 firmware source code (Atmel AVR® assem­bler) and brief doc­u­men­ta­tion (Release date: 2004-06-30)


  • wakeonlirc-0.2.0.png: Wake-On-LIRC schematics for the 0.2.0 firmware (changed some resistor values), revi­sion 3 (Release date: 2006-02-20)

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