Welcome to Engbedded

Wel­come to Engbedded, home of pop­ular non-profit Open Source hard­ware and soft­ware pro­jects such as the Semi­tone Lighting Con­trollers pro­ject, the VeloAce bike com­puter for Palm OS, and the Wake-On-LIRC infrared receiver.

This web­site is mainly still up for doc­u­men­ta­tion pur­poses, as the above pro­jects are unmain­tained since a few years and there­fore con­sid­ered obso­lete. Times have changed, lighting is now mainly done with LED, for which my dim­mers do not have proper hard­ware back­ends. Also, my little spare time does not allow me to main­tain these pro­jects any­more. Thanks to all people who con­tacted me in the past.

Also, this web­site (still) pro­vides pop­ular free online ser­vices, such as the AVR® Fuse Cal­cu­lator (also unmain­tained since a few years - sorry).

Enjoy your stay.

Mark Häm­mer­ling