Welcome to Engbedded

Engbedded is the founder and main­tainer of pop­ular non-profit Open Source hard­ware and soft­ware pro­jects such as the Semi­tone Lighting Con­trollers pro­ject, the VeloAce bike com­puter for Palm OS, and the Wake-On-LIRC infrared receiver.

We offer pre-pro­grammed micro­con­trollers and parts for our Open Source hard­ware pro­jects. Check out the list of pro­ducts for an overview. Please use our con­tact form if you are inter­ested in pur­chasing pro­grammed or unpro­grammed micro­con­trollers.

Also, Engbedded pro­vides pop­ular free online ser­vices, such as the AVR® Fuse Cal­cu­lator.

Enjoy your stay.

Dipl.-Ing. Mark Häm­mer­ling, CEO of Engbedded